Surface Mounted
    Fire Rated
Fire Signage
    Exit Signs
    Fire Extinguisher Signs
    Fire Hose Signs
    Mounting Height
Made In USA


    JL Industries
    Larsen's Manufacturing   
    Wooden Mallet
    CATO Inc.
    Potter Roemer
    Thomas Products Inc.
    Beco (Brooks Equipment)
    Strike First



Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Made in USA


Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Made in USA
Which Manufacturer makes most of their fire extinguisher cabinets in the USA?

Manufacturer Manufacturing
Products Made in USA Statement Majority of Products Made In USA


Orlando, FL Chief, Island Chief, Warrior,
Classic Cabinets


Ft. Myers, FL; Commerce, CA; Bloomington, MN variety of surface mounted, recessed, semi-recess, stainless steel and aluminum fire extinguisher cabinets JL Industries Yes


Minneapolis, MN; Ft Lauderdale, FL Fire Extinguishers, Fire Cabinets (recessed, surface mounted, semi-recessed) Access Panels Larsen's Yes


Canada Fire Extinguisher Cabinets (Surface Mounted, Recessed, Semi-Recessed) , Fire Extinguishers N/A No


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