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Wooden Mallet


Wooden Mallet is a leading manufacturer of wooden display racks and cabinets for offices and lobbies. All of their products are constructed in the United States with the highest quality, domestically sourced materials. Wooden mallet products are known for offering lasting beauty and durability.

Wooden mallet's fire extinction cabinets have a more earthy tone to their design, while offering the same level of functionality other fire extinguisher cabinets have. Their surface mounted fire extinguisher cabinets allow you to hide and unsightly fire extinguisher in plain sight for safety, yet still have the solid wood contemporary design that matches almost any decor found in offices and lobbies today.Wooden Mallet

Wooden Mallet fire extinguisher cabinets come in four models:

  • The FEC10 and FEC20 models feature a solid wood front enclosure panel with engraving. The FEC10 supports a 5 pound fire extinguisher and the FEC20 supports a 10 pound fire extinguisher.
  • The FEC11 and FEC21 models feature a windowed acrylic front panel. The FEC11 is designed to fit a 5 pound fire extinguisher, while the FEC21 is designed for a 10 pound fire extinguisher.

All of these fire extinguisher cabinets are available in the following colors:

  • Light oak
  • Medium oak
  • Mahogany




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