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Fire Rated


A fire rating is a term that refers to the length of time that a material can withstand complete combustion during a standardized fire test. These fire tests of building materials and components of buildings such as beams, firewalls and firewalls, is required in many places to meet building codes. Fire test for things such as appliances and fire extinguisher cabinets are often voluntary, but are conducted by manufacturers to provide the buyer with the most reliable products.

The fire rated test results are measured in either units of time, because the emphasis is for the cabinet to hold up under fire during emergency situations, are classification designations. This being said, the information generated by fire ratings is an ever-changing thing.

The rated label of a fire extinguisher cabinet indicates the degree of protection the cabinet will provide its contents if exposed to fire. The degree of protection will affect the selling price of the fire extinguisher cabinet.
The most widely accepted labels are issued by:

  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • The National Fire Protection Association

Underwriters Laboratories – Underwriters Laboratories was founded in 1894 is a not – four – profit independent testing organization. Its intended purpose and function is to test various things for public safety. At Underwriters Laboratories a vast array of products, system, materials and devices are strenuously examined and tested to ensure that they pose no risk or endangerment to live our health, and are not susceptible to fire or other hazards. Another concern at Underwriters Laboratories is crime, products designed to protect are put through a vast array of test to make sure that they actually do protect.

If the manufacturer wants and Underwriters Laboratories label on their insulated fire extinguisher cabinet, the product must meet or exceed the UL 72 testing standards. This means that the cabinet may undergo for different fire resistance tests.

  1. Fire endurance test
  2. Fire and impact test
  3. Explosion hazard test
  4. Combined explosion and impact test

The temperature noted on a UL label is considered to be the maximum temperature allowed inside the product during testing. If the temperature inside of the fire extinction cabinet exceeds the temperature listed on the label, extinguisher or contents of the cabinet cannot be guaranteed to go without damage.

The National Fire Protection Association – The National Fire Protection Association adheres to the same time and temperature limitations as Underwriters Laboratories. This organization was founded in 1896 and promotes the improvement of fire protection and prevention methods of devices. This Association obtains and circulates information on fire prevention and safety, they also work to gain cooperation through its members and the public. They use this information to establish proper safeguards against loss of life and property due to fire. The National Fire Protection Association is an international technical and educational institution.


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