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Larsen's Manufacturing


Larsen's Manufacturing has been a well-known leader in the fire protection equipment industry for years. Larsen's fire extinguisher cabinet's are made from the finest materials and are built to last. Larsen's manufacturing has recently received the Architectural Record Readers' Choice Award.

Larsen's manufacturing fire extinction cabinet's are broken down into five product lines. Each product line is carefully designed and differ to meet the buyers needs. In order for you to truly understand which fire extinguisher cabinet you need, we advise that you give every model and style a look.

Larsen's ManufacturingHere are the product lines that Larsen's manufacturing has to offer:

  • Architectural series
  • Medallion series
  • Gemini series
  • Occult series

Now let's take a look at the differences of these product lines.

Architectural Series – Larsen's architectural series is a traditional line of fire extinguisher cabinets. These cabinets feature the three main mounting options, which are recessed, semi-recessed, and surface mounted. These fire extinguisher cabinets are designed for all types of buildings and are equipped with the more conventional door styles. The standard door on these cabinets is steel, the optional materials include both stainless steel and aluminum. All the doors in this series of cabinets are 1/2 inch thick and can open up to 180°. These doors all have a satin finish pull handle with a self adjusting roller catch and feature a continuous piano hinge constructed of material that matches the door and the trim fire extinguisher cabinet.

All of the cabinets in this series are steel and feature a heavy gauge, white baked enamel box. All the steel trims and doors are one-piece, constructed from cold – rolled steel with a standard finish of white baked acrylic enamel, which may be used for either a primer coat or a finish. The aluminum trims in this series are constructed of extruded aluminum and all corners are mitered. The aluminum is an excellent choice of material for applications in salty air or other corrosion prone environments.

Medallion Series – Larsen's medallion series of fire extinguisher cabinets, is an extensive line of recessed and semi-recessed cabinets which feature distinctive solid brass doors and trims. In this series the satin finish comes standard while other polished finishes are available. These models of Larsen's fire extinguisher cabinets are designed with the intent of being used in environments such as museums, historical buildings, government, performing arts centers, financial institutions and other special buildings where solid brass is used in the building's design aesthetic. The box inside of each of these units is a heavy grade, white baked acrylic enamel. Black and other special colors are available, if specified.

The door and trim on each of these cabinets is solid brass and features a satin finish with a clear protective coating that is applied to all the exterior surfaces. All the doors in this series feature a 1/2 inch thick hollow metal design. Unless otherwise requested, all medallion series cabinets have brass wire pull handles with self adjusting roller catches, the hinge on this series of cabinets is a continuous piano hinge.

Gemini Series – Larsen's manufacturing Gemini series is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The Gemini series is identified by an extensive selection of frameless acrylic doors. In many ways this series looks like the architectural series, except these units have a frameless door of smooth or textured acrylic instead of the conventional hollow – metal door frame.

On the Gemini cabinets the standard door material is 1/4 inch thick smooth or textured acrylic, 1/2 inch thick smooth acrylic is available also. All the doors in this series feature a satin finish pull handle with a self adjusting roller catch. The hinges are constructed as a continuous piano hinge and matches the trim.

Cameo Series – the cameo series is an attractive and safe, practical method of housing your fire extinction. These fire extinguisher cabinets use a protruding bubble to house the extinguisher. The cameo series allows for not only installation into a shallow wall, but also has a full 180° visibility of the cabinets contents. The cabinets standard door and trim material is steel, optional materials include both stainless steel and aluminum. The door frames in this series are a 1/2 inch thick, hollow metal design. All of the cameo series cabinets feature a satin finish pull handle with a roller catch that is self – adjusting. Like the other series of cabinets the cameo series also has a continuous piano hinge constructed of material that matches the door and trim of the cabinet.

All recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets contain a white baked enamel box. The cameo series trim and door is identical to the architectural series with the exception that the cameo door is glazed with a vacuum–formed acrylic bubble. With only the exception of the bronze and red semi–transparent bubbles, the lettering is intentionally placed on the back of the bubbles to prevent damage to the outer surface.

Occult Series – the a colt series fire extinguisher cabinets are designed with an attractive door and concealed hinge. This design is the cabinets a clean and trim less appearance. What is unique about this series is that when the doors closed, a completely covers the cabinets flange, which is on the outside of the wall surface. The occult design is also available exclusively with Larsen's hose and a valve cabinets.

All the units in this series have a cold–rolled steel box with a 3/4 inch wide flange. The standard color is a black matte, but why is available if specified. The doors on the occult series are 5/8 inch thick and are available in the solid or vertical duo style. All of the cabinets in this series can be equipped with the optional Larsen-Loc®, this lock provides the protection of a locked cabinet without requiring the user to break the glass to gain emergency access to the cabinet. The concealed hinge on these units is constructed of aluminum with a stainless steel pin which allows the door to open 180°. The standard door material cold – rolled steel with baked acrylic enamel, which can be used as a primer coat or finish.



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