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Cato Inc.


Cato has been creating many types of quality fire safety products since 1984. They are the world's largest manufacturer of plastic fire extinguisher cabinets and protective covers. Cato is very proud to offer a continuously growing product line of fire safety products. They not only provide many quality products, but are committed to providing unmatched customer service and long – lasting business relationships.

Cato's fire extinguisher cabinets come in four different product lines. Here are the product lines that Cato offers:

  • Chief fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Warrior fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Cato craftsmen cabinets
  • Cato classic cabinets

Now let's break down the difference in these product lines.

Chief fire extinguisher cabinet – The chief line of fire extinguisher cabinets is a very unique cabinet. Is constructed of high – density injection molded plastic, which eliminates such factors as rust and sharp corners. The high – impact crystal polystyrene with ultra – violet inhibitors protects extinguisher's from weather and any ambient conditions that might jeopardize its use. The elimination of metal greatly reduces the chances of personal injury and also reduces the possibilities of product liability insurance claims. The Cato chief cabinet also helps to reduce vandalism and theft. These cabinets ship in your choice of red or white.

This product is made in the USA and has many great features, some of the advantage to purchasing this cabinet are:

  • It has a pitch drainage
  • It is dent-proof
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Easily cleanable
  • No padlock required
  • Lower replacement cost

Some highlights of this item are:

  • It features a cylinder lock with key
  • Stainless steel clear nylon mechanical cable
  • Unique grid – scored break panel for improved emergency access
  • UV resistant labels
  • lower maintenance costs

Warrior fire extinguisher cabinets – Cato's warrior fire extinguisher cabinets are known for their extremely durable and efficient design. These cabinets are body injection molded from high-density virgin high-impact polystyrene. The injection molded one-piece cover includes ultra – violet inhibitors and high – impact crystal polystyrene. This cabinet line is incredibly reliable and outdoor situations, due to its inability to rust or be affected by any weather or ambient conditions. These cabinets ship in your choice of red or black.

This product is manufactured in the USA and has many great features, let's examine some of the advantages of purchasing this cabinet:

  • Cannot rust
  • No sharp corners
  • No glass to break
  • Pitch drainage
  • Dent – proof
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Fire retardant
  • Lower shipping costs
  • No padlock required
  • Lower replacement cost
  • Easily cleanable
  • Locking seal
  • No breaker bar needed
  • Includes side labels

Cato craftsmen cabinets – The Cato craftsmen series is a much more refined approach at fire extinguisher cabinets. These cabinets focus on both functionality and beauty. They are elegant and created from solid maple dovetail construction. The semi-recessed model features a 1 inch wall thickness, while the surface mounted model has a .75 inch wall thickness. These cabinets were design to be used in environments that differ from the usual fire extinguisher cabinet locations. These cabinets would work excellent in museums, restaurants and theaters.

These cabinets come in your choice of 15 Maple finishes.

Here are some of the features of the Cato craftsmen cabinet line:

  • Beautifully crafted custom handles
  • Brass hinges
  • Chromium plated roller catch
  • Your choice of finishes
  • Beautiful glass door panel

Cato classic cabinets – The Cato classic series of cabinets is unique in that it features the very first semi-recessed plastic cabinet. Cato has made surface mounted cabinets for years now, but they're the first manufacturer to create a semi-recessed plastic cabinet. This cabinet is constructed from an injection molded, white virgin 2 Izod Co – Polymer Polypropylene. This model is you all the advantages of being a plastic fire extinguisher cabinet, while having the functionality of a recessed cabinet.

Here are some of the advantages and highlights:

  • Cannot rust
  • No sharp corners
  • The hinge and handle mean there is no glass to break
  • Lower replacement cost
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Easily cleanable
  • No padlock needed



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