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    JL Industries
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    Wooden Mallet
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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are widely used in public and commercial applications. Fire extinguishers can be mounted using a simple bracket. However, this can allow immediate and unwanted access to the fire extinguisher. Storing the extinguisher in a fire extinguisher cabinet can protect the extinguisher until it is needed, eliminating perturbing hazards and adding a clean look to the area. Further more, the extinguisher can be hidden from sight while allowing easy recognition and access during an emergency.

Mounting Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Manufacturers

Manufacturers compete to make a product the functions and is economical to install.  Some focus on metal cabinets while other focus on plastic or even wood.  Most al of them are competing to make a cabinet or extinguisher that fits the needs of the majority of he installation.  Some like Wooden Mallet, Thomas Products Inc. and CATO focus on specially niches.  Wooden Mallet only manufacturers wooden fire extinguisher cabinets.  Thomas Products Inc. make the only fiber glass fire extinguisher cabinets.  While CATO Inc. mainly focuses on plastic cabinets but also now have a line of high end solid wood fire extinguisher cabinets.

  • JL Industries
  • Larsen's Manufacturing
  • Wooden Mallet
  • CATO Inc.
  • Thomas Products Inc.
  • Potter Roemer
  • Beco (Brooks Equipment)
  • Strike First

 Fire Rated Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


Fire Signage

Fire Signage ranges from your basic exit signs to more specific signs showing the location of the building's fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Check with your local building codes as many of these signs are required. Exits should be properly marked and there are different lighting options that range from LED battery powered lights to Jalite's UL rated Photoluminescent signs which charge off of ambient light and dramatically reduce maintenance costs.



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